W.L. Rice Homestead, Riceville - Town of Mayfield New York

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Since 16S2 when the first of the Rice family came from England and settled at New London, Connecticut, thirteen generations have lived in this country. Of these, six generations have occupied the homestead at Riceville.

Covering a period of over 150 years the Rice Homestead has been occupied by successive generations of this family, and was built by Oliver Rice a soldier of the American Revolution.

The rear room of the house was built by Salem Burr, a relative of the family, but the main portion of the house was built by Oliver Rice with day labor, and was about three years in course of construction.

The bricks in the house (about 40,000) were made on the place as well as all hardware such as nails and hinges which were forged in a blacksmith shop on the place. This shop has been taken down. Practically all timber used was cut on the place.

The bricks were laid up in blue clay. Scarcely any change has been made In the construction of the house since built.