Freeman Goode Mansion - Saunders House, Town Creek Alabama

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Land for the house site was originally purchased from the Government Land Office at Huntsville in 1820 by the Reverend Turner Saunders, a minister of the Methodist church turned merchant.

Saunders came from Brunswick County, Virginia to Franklin, Tennessee in 1808. From there he made several tours into what is now Lawrence County The house was constructed by Saunders in 1824.

Saunders sold the place to Freeman Goode, who in turn sold it to the Hall Estate.

The Saunders House consists of a two story center with two story-and one-half wings. A full half story basement runs the length of the house.

Construction is brick masonry with wood frame interior of mill sawn timber. The house which faces south is symmetrical in exterior form except that the entrance and entrance hall are located on the right hand of a three bay portico.

The central block of the building has a gabled roof which extends over the front portico. A pediment is supported by four Doric columns. The frieze is ornamented with triglyphs and the pediment contains a fanshaped window.

The two wings of the house have gabled roofs set at right angles to the central mass of the house. A double chimney with gable parapet walls is located on the side elevations. Each wing has a front gable matching the larger central one.

The interior plan is not formally arranged and follows a much earlier preference than the house design.

The left wing consists of double parlors front to back with entry off the front portico. The center first floor contains a large receiving room on the left and an entrance hall on the right with the rear porch across the back of each. This rear porch has been enclosed. The right wing first floor consists of two bedrooms front to back with a stair in the rear bedroom leading up to the girl's half-story bedroom above. This stair provides the only access to this bedroom.

A stair in the entrance hall leads to a large upper hall and into a large room over the receiving room below. A second half-story bedroom is located above the left double parlors.