Capitol Hill School (Fourth Ward School), Marshall Michigan

Date added: March 29, 2011 Categories: Michigan School Gothic Revival

A mid-19th century, two room schoolhouse of distinctly vernacular Gothic Revival character.

Early in the twentieth century, a small addition was added to the east side to accommodate indoor plumbing. The original ornate cupola was removed curing the roofing job and never replaced. Also removed were the board sidewalk and the picket fence which enclosed the grounds. At some relatively modern time, an addition was made, extending the mass of the eastern vestibule. This wing is about two feet lower than the vestibule and is gable roofed; the verge boards appear to have been taken off the original gable and moved to the new one. This addition, constructed with a concrete foundation and brick walls, houses toilets.

The main portion is 27'-2" x 42'-4"; a projection on each end is 7'-0" x 14'-8". The front faces north.

There is a front and a rear classroom which are equal and symmetrical. Each has a door on each side near the interior partition between them, giving access to the vestibules.

Capitol Hill School (Fourth Ward School), Marshall Michigan NORTH (right) AND EAST ELEVATIONS.