Sequin Covered Bridge, East Charlotte Vermont

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West elevation (1974)

The Seguin Covered Bridge, one of three covered wood bridges remaining in the town of Charlotte, crosses Lewis Creek a short distance downstream from scenic waterfalls. The Seguin Bridge is one of only nine covered bridges remaining in Vermont which are supported by Burr arch trusses. The bridge has been maintained with respect for its original fabric.

The covered bridges of Vermont are among its most cherished and symbolic historic resources. About one hundred of the bridges still stand in the state, the highest concentration by area of covered bridges in the United States.

Bridge Description

The Seguin Covered Bridge consists of a single span supported by two flanking timber Burr arch trusses. Each truss incorporates an arch built of two parallel arcs of single timbers, one mounted on each side of the diagonal braces and vertical posts, and bolted together through the posts. A central laminated stringer has been added to the underside of the deck beams parallel to the trusses for reinforcement.

The Seguin Bridge is 71 feet long and 16.5 feet wide; it has a 13-foot roadway. The wood floor consists of planks laid on edge and parallel to the trusses. The structure rests on abutments built originally of irregular stone blocks laid dry; they have been mortared together and capped with concrete.

On the exterior, the timbers pegged and bolted together to form the trusses (and side walls) of the bridge are sheathed with unpainted flush boards hung vertically. Unpainted flush boards hung horizontally protect the ends of the trusses immediately inside the portals. The siding stops short of the eaves to leave strip openings along the tops of the walls.

The gable ends are also sheathed with unpainted flush boards hung vertically. The portal openings are rectangular with diagonal upper corners, which cover the first sets of interior struts. The medium-pitch gable roof is covered with standing seam metal sheeting.

Sequin Covered Bridge, East Charlotte Vermont West elevation (1974)
West elevation (1974)

Sequin Covered Bridge, East Charlotte Vermont South portal (1974)
South portal (1974)