Littleton Denver and Rio Grande Western Depot, Littleton Colorado

Date added: January 13, 2010 Categories: Colorado Train Station

Architecturally, the D & RGW Depot is characteristic of the railroad style of building developed in the Victorian Age. It is one of the oldest railroad depots in Colorado and one of the few surviving small stone depots in the state. It is closely tied with the development of Littleton and linked to the history of the D & RGW Railroad.

The 1906 remodeling plans provided for the construction of the baggage room north of the original stone building and an open breezway, evidentally for baggage handling, connecting the two buildings. They also detailed the addition of the bay on the west side of the stone structure, some interior remodeling, and the replacement of some doors and windows. Later modifications included the 1942 enclosure of the breezeway and the addition of the lean-to on the east side of the stone building, which houses two lavatories. The interior also appears to have been remodeled a second time. In addition, the doorways and all but two of the window openings in the stone building have been made smaller, and another small window has been added on the south side to provide a better view of the track to the south.