Prentiss Covered Bridge - Drewsville Bridge, Langdon New Hampshire

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South portal and west side (1973)

Built after the town of Langdon voted on March 10th, 1874 to raise $1000.00 to replace the former structure with a "30 foot Granger covered bridge," the Prentiss Bridge is probably the third bridge on this site.

The first of an unknown date was called Drewsville Bridge. The second, the Prentiss Bridge, "was considered August 22nd, 1791, when, 'David Henry, John White and Asa Walker, Jr.' to View the Bridge Between Mr. (Jabez) Rockwells and John Prentiss and make Report. 'On October 10th, 1791 the town, "Voted Six pund Equal to wheat at four shillings the Bushel to Mr. Jabez Rockwell and Mr. John Prentiss for Building a Bridge a Crost the Great Brook by Mr. Rockwells and Prentiss Mill said Bridge to be Built by the first of December next.'" In 1805 the Cheshire Turnpike Company took over this bridge as part of the Turnpike from Canada to Boston.

The present structure from ca. 1874, in use until 1955 when it was by-passed by the construction of a bridge 30 feet to the west, is currently, along with the Cold River Bridge (McDermott Bridge), Langdon, the object of preservation by the Langdon Community Club.

The shortest highway covered bridge currently standing in New Hampshire, 36 feet long by 15 feet wide, it has one span and a Town Lattice truss. Now closed to all but foot traffic, the Bridge needs repairs to beams and planks.

The Prentiss Bridge spans Great Brook in the town of Langdon. The National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges World Guide to Covered Bridges number for the structure is 29-10-07. The New Hampshire Department of Public Works and Highways' number for the Bridge is Langdon 113/084.

Prentiss Covered Bridge -  Drewsville Bridge, Langdon New Hampshire South portal and west side (1973)
South portal and west side (1973)