Sidney S. Allcott House, Marshall Michigan

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A simple mid-19th century cottage with interesting architectural details, now somewhat altered. Under the ownership of Judge George Ingersoll, the house was reputed to have been involved in the "underground highway."

The house is still equipped with the original door bell of the pull type. The iron bell is located at the farther end of the front hall and operates with a steel wire, running up to and along the ceiling.

The building measures 30' x 34', exclusive of front porch; rear wing about 25' x 18'. The front faces south. The main portion is 3 bays by 3 bays.

The first floor has a central hall extending from the entrance to the rear wall, widening after a vestibule to accommodate a stair at the west side. On each side of this hall are two major rooms; the pair on the east are joined by a wide opening. In the rear addition are a dining room, kitchen and rear entry. The second floor, over the original portion only, has two major bedrooms east of the central hall, and three smaller rooms on the west; the one at the front extends across the central bay. The one at the rear is now a bathroom, and the one between is a storage space. These second-story rooms have a sloping ceiling along the east and west exterior sides.

There is a full basement under the original portion; it is thought that it originally contained the kitchen and dining room,

This house occupies a level corner lot, at the northwest corner of Mansion and North Grand Streets. There is a modern concrete walk, and a modern garage at the rear (north).

Sidney S. Allcott House, Marshall Michigan 1965 REAR VIEW; NORTH (rear) AND EAST SIDES

Sidney S. Allcott House, Marshall Michigan 1965 STAIRHALL