Lovett-Barnard House, East Grand Rapids Michigan

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Demolished August, 1963 to make way for a baseball field, despite vigorous protest by local residents and the A.I.A. Committee.

Designed and built by George S. Lovett in 1851, sold to Dr. Stephen Barnard in 1863. At some point it was purchased by the West Michigan Catholic Diocese (dates unknown), and sold to the East Grand Rapids School Board in 1922. Owned by the school until its demolition in 1963.

The house was altered by the School Board to adapt for use as a kindergarten in ca. 1923. Closet partitions were removed, a toilet room was installed in the northwest corner on the second floor, and a fire-escape was added at the west window on the second floor. Heating and lighting were also installed. Also, the School Board built the original East Grand Rapids High School in the same property in ca. 1923.

Overall dimensions: 37' x 48' plus porches; rectangular layout with two porches; 2 stories plus basement.

Floor plans: A central hall plan is used. In the right side there are a dining room, a small space, and a kitchen. To the left is the living room with the house's only fireplace. In the second floor, two bedrooms are on either side, and a central front bedroom occupies the bay window. There are also small spaces between the right-side and left-side bedrooms. A stair hall has connecting points to all of the bedrooms.

The house was formerly a part of a farm owned by George S. Lovett, and was built on the highest ground facing Reeds Lake in a beautiful grove of oak trees. Its Old Bedford Road address was the old post road to Detroit. An original stone wall was along the south line; an arched and roofed gateway of stone is still intact.

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