Littleton Town Hall (Littleton Center for Cultural Arts), Littleton Colorado

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J. J. B. Benedict designed the Town Hall when Littleton's population was 1,600. The design satisfied the expressed need for a building with a large assembly hall, offices for town officials and fire fighting equipment, and the desire to have some expression of the town's development during the sixty year period preceding the construction of the Town Hall.

Upon completion, the building was described as the finest architectural example of a town hall for a small community in the country. As such, it was one of the first buildings designated on the city's new historic preservation ordinance in 1972. The Town Hall continued in use as the center for Littleton's government and community gathering place until 1977, when the City of Littleton occupied a new office building.

A non-profit corporation, the Littleton Center for the Cultural Arts, has a long-term lease on the Town Hall from the City of Littleton for the purpose of restoring the exterior of the building and adapting the interior space for a community arts performance center.

Littleton Town Hall (Littleton Center for Cultural Arts), Littleton Colorado Vertical view
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