Chapel of St. Mary The Virgin, Nashotah Wisconsin

Date added: December 02, 2009 Categories: Wisconsin Church

This chapel is located on the grounds of Nashotah House Episcopal Theological Seminary. Ground was broken on September 7, 1859, and the comer stone was laid on September 29th, 1859.

This building has been attributed to Richard Upjohn on the basis of two letters dated July 14, 1858, and July 15, 1859, respectively. In the Minutes of the Proceedings of the Trustees of Nashotah House, reference is made to the chapel at the annual meeting June 16, 1859. At this time, receipt was acknowledged of partial plans as a gift of Mr. Upjohn, but at the same meeting, a resolution was passed to return the plans as Nashotah House could not afford the cost of building from them. Since the letter of July 15, 1859, cited above postdates this resolution, and since it specifically mentions, "new plans for Nashotah," and since the chapel was under construction at the next annual meeting May 31, 1860, it is reasonably certain that Upjohn submitted revised plans although no further mention of plans occurs in the minutes.