Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Milwaukee Wisconsin

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Trinity is the mother church of Lutheranism in Milwaukee, its congregation having been organized in 1847. Ceremonies on July 7, 1878, marked the laying of the cornerstone, and Trinity Lutheran was consecrated April 11, 1880. Cost of the church, including all furnishings, glass, and organ, was $43,500.

Trinity Church is a highly decorative and vigorous example of the Victorian Gothic style. The interior is notable for the broad spaciousness of its vaulted auditorium and for the extraordinarily fine craftsmanship of its wooden trim, fittings, and furnishings. Particularly remarkable are the sweeping staircase in the north tower, the organ casing, the lofty, canopied pulpit, the altarpiece, and the doors.

On 5/15/2018 the church was tragically gutted by fire which was first seen on the roof where repairs were taking place. The building was almost fully engulfed within 30 minutes. The alter and paintings near the alter have been salvaged, pews in the sanctuary are apparenting still intact. As of 5/17/2018 it is unknown if the building can be saved. See photos of the burned interior here: Photos of interior damage at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran emerge

Recent photos of the church before the fire can be seen here: Urban spelunking: Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church