Building Description The Willard Hotel, Washington DC

The NEW WILLARD HOTEL completely fills Its basically rectangular site. The building fronts 139' on Pennsylvania Avenue, 309' on 14th Street and 129' on F Street. The site slopes a full story between F Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, from which point it measures 160' to the top of its mansard roof, a total of thirteen stories.

The Basement level originally contained approximately 48,500 square feet of area including the vaulted space under Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th Street. In 1972 the 15,000 square feet of vaulted space was filled in. Storage and work areas of the hotel as well as some public service areas and the hotel's main kitchen are located in the basement.

The Ground Floor completely covers the lot area with 33,489 square feet of space. It contains the Main Lobby and its service rooms off Pennsylvania Avenue with smaller entry areas off 14th Street and Peacock Alley, the main corridor that connects the Pennsylvania Avenue Lobby with the F Street Lobby. The Ladies Lounge is located within the tower area on the ground floor and the mezzanine level directly above. Several large public rooms open off Peacock Alley. The first room, to the right going toward the F Street lobby, is the Willard Room, the original main dining room for the hotel. Following this is the Crystal Room, a large function or multipurpose room. To the left of Peacock Alley is the Congressional Room, a large public room, originally called the Palm Court, and the Fairfax Room, a smaller function or multipurpose room. These two rooms are located in the two story section on the courtyard side of the building. A staircase in Peacock Alley leads up to the F Street lobby. Service areas are located beneath this lobby as well as between the Willard and Crystal Rooms and next to the Fairfax Room.

The Mezzanine level contains approximately 13,000 square feet of floor area located around and opening into the Main Lobby.

The First Floor is of approximately 23,100 square feet and contains several public rooms as well as a central corridor with meeting rooms and guest rooms opening off it.

The typical hotel room levels, floors two through nine, are comprised of approximately 27,850 square feet each and contain 53 guest rooms, including suites, and related service facilities.

The tenth floor contains approximately 23,000 square feet that is largely occupied by the Banquet Room along the Pennsylvania Avenue axis,, the Grand Ballroom, along the Fourteenth Street axis, and a kitchen and service rooms along the F Street axis. Balconies spanning one end of the ballroom and the Banquet Room contain almost 4,400 square feet of area.

The attic, or eleventh floor is primarily used for mechanical and electrical equipment. It contains approximately 9,000 square feet of usable space.