Adams-Mason House, Washington DC

Date added: September 23, 2010 Categories: Washington DC House

One of the few clapboard houses left in the waterfront area, is representative of late 18th and early 19th century domestic architecture.

The main rectangular section of wood measures 20'5" (facade) by 31*)" with a brick ell from the west side extending 30'0" (flush with the north side of the house). The ell in turn has a small lean-to addition of 6' at its west end. The facade has three bays, east elevation one; the ell has three bays on the south side. Two and a half stories in the main section; two stories in the ell.

First floor: The northern doorway enters a stair hall that runs the length of the north side, with the stairs in the northwest corner. The hall connects with the living room by a door now closed off. The middle doorway enters the first floor living room, behind which is a second similar room. The ell, reached by a door in the west wall, is divided into three sections: a large bedroom, then a toilet and shower, through which one reaches the large kitchen at the rear of the ell.

Second floor: The second floor living room runs the length of the east side, and is entered from the stair hall, as is the rear room. In the ell is a bedroom, followed by a kitchen with a toilet built into a southwest corner closet.

Third floor: A bedroom runs the length of the east wall; the stairway and hall, and a storage room occupy the rear half.