Clinton Mill, Woonsocket Rhode Island

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The mill was built by the Clinton Manufacturing Co. in 1849 and they operated it until 1876, when it was taken over by the huge textile firm of B. B. and R. Knight. In October, 1918 the Knight corporation purchased all plant, water rights, etc. which they retained until the Knight firm was dissolved in 1923. The mill then passed into the hands of trustees. It was operated as a textile mill until about 1950. It was then occupied by a discount store. Severely damaged by fire in the mid-1960's, the building was later acquired by the City of Woonsocket, condemned and scheduled for demolition. The mill was demolished in June, 1969.

The original building was five stories high with a gable roof and continuous clerestory windows. The plan was rectangular 256' x 50' with a central entrance and stair tower on the main elevation (northwest). The exterior walls were granite, load-bearing; and the interior framing was slow-burning timber construction.

The building was located on the west bank of the Blackstone River. The site is bounded on the south by railroad tracks and a railroad bridge, and on the west by Clinton Street.