Lippitt Mill, West Warwick Rhode Island

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The Lippitt Mill has continuously produced cotton textiles since it began operations in 1810. It is the second oldest cotton textile mill in existence in Rhode Island at the present time (1967) (the Old Slater Mill of Pawtucket predating it by approximately sixteen years), and is representative of the once numerous smll textile mills of the state that were managed directly by their owners rather than through salaried agents.

The original co-partnership was formed on November 9, 1809 and consisted of Christopher Lippitt, Benjamin Aborn, George Jackson, Amasa and William H. Mason. The agreement was to run for ten years from January 1, 1810. On January 21, 1821, the co-partnership was reorganized with the same owners, and this time the firm was established for twenty years duration. There were a number of changes in shareholders over the subsequent years. The next recorded change in the firm occurred in May of 1853, when a state charter was granted to Charles, Christopher, Henry, Robert and Penolope Lippitt, Julia L. Sweet, Cornelia A. Andrews and Arthur M. Kimball for the incorporation of the Lippitt Manufacturing Company. On July 19, 1889, the estate, land, mills and water power were purchased by B. B, and R, Knight, prominent Rhode Island cotton manufacturers, who continued to operate the mill until 1923 when it was sold to the current owners, River Point Lace Works.

Over-all dimensions: 106' x 34'; 14 bays, three stories, plus basement and attic; rectangular in shape.

Lippitt Mill, West Warwick Rhode Island 1967 SOUTHEAST ELEVATION