Building Description Milford Elementary School, Cleveland Ohio

As built in 1901-02 at a cost of $33,370.29 (not including real estate purchased at a cost of $6,000.00 or furnishings), Milford School consisted of a two-and-one-half-story building with 12 classrooms arranged around a central light well. The half-story contained an assembly room, or auditorium, with a capacity of 840. In 1907-08, a two-story annex containing 12 classrooms and a gymnasium was erected at a cost of $60,112.44 (not including additional real estate purchased at a cost of $8,550.00). The two buildings were linked by a two-story-and-basement connecting corridor.

In 1921, new metal stairs replaced the existing wooden stairs in the original building. Fire doors with wire glass were added at stairways to the basement at the north and south ends of the original building. New electric wiring and light fixtures were installed.

In 1930, the heating plant was remodeled with two new steam boilers and new coal vault and stack. The existing stack was removed to the roofline, and the roof was repaired to match existing.

In 1938, with assistance from the Public Works Administration, the floors beneath all classrooms in the original building were strengthened with new steel beams.

In 1939, Classroom #112 (in the southeast corner of the original building) was partitioned to accommodate a principal's office, assistant principal's office, clerk's office, and supply and waiting rooms.

In 1944, the four skylights in the original building (one pair flanking the cupola, two others over the north and south stairwells) were removed and new slate roofing was installed to match the existing.

In 1952, a new teachers' rest room, containing one toilet and one sink, was installed in the landing between the first and second floors of the annex, formerly occupied by the dispensary. Girls' and boys' toilet rooms in both the original building and the annex were remodeled.

In 1954, the well in the second floor of the original building was closed, the existing railing was removed, and new wood flooring was installed to match the existing.

In 1964, Room #112 was again remodeled to accommodate a health clinic and two waiting rooms, in addition to the principal's office, clerk's office, storage room, and toilets.

In 1965, the "MILFORD" entrance at the front of the original building was remodeled for use as a storeroom. Existing doors, frame, and transom were removed, and the opening closed up with brick to match the existing.

In 1966, Room #111 was remodeled for use as a library. A new acoustical ceiling and fluorescent light fixtures were installed.

At an unkown date, the original ventilating cupolas on each building were removed.

The original Milford School, rectangular in plan, consists of a central pavilion with wings. It is approximately 130' by 88' overall. The two-and-one-half-story building has a full basement. A two-story-and-basement corridor, approximately 40' by 16' in size, connects the original building with a two-story-and-basement annex. Rectangular in plan, the annex is approximately 111' by 69' overall.

The school had a total of 61,356 square feet. The first and second floors of the original building each feature a large central hall, around which are grouped six classrooms. The halls originally were illuminated, through an open, central well, by skylights; these have been removed (see #6, above). The original building contains, in the basement: boiler room, coal room, plenum, 2 classrooms, boys' and girls' toilets; on the first floor: 6 classrooms, each with an adjoining cloakroom; on the second floor: 6 classrooms, each with adjoining cloakroom, teachers' toilet, recitation room, storage room; on the third floor (attic): assembly room, 2 anterooms. The original building is connected to the annex by a two-story and basement corridor. Opening off the ground floor of the connecting corridor is a small ( 18' by 10' ) bay-windowed office, formerly occupied by the principal, with an adjacent toilet; the upper floor of the connecting corridor formerly contained the school library. The annex contains, in the basement: gymnasium, boys' and girls' toilets, store room, fan room, custodian's work room, one classroom; and, on both the first and second floors, six classrooms with adjoining cloakrooms.