Building Description William H Brett Memorial Elementary School, Cleveland Ohio

As built in 1918-19 at a cost of $320,992.25 (not including real estate or furnishings), Brett School consisted of a one-story building with a central block and symmetrical wings. Each wing consisted of classrooms arranged around a "play court." In 1920-21, Brett School was enlarged at a cost of $180,352.00 (not including real estate or furnishings). The existing end walls were removed and two new wings, each containing six classrooms, were added perpendicular to the existing wings. In September 1921, the Board of Education awarded additional contracts for grading, landscaping, playground surfaces, retaining walls, and fences in the amount of $49,185.17.

Brett School is 415' by 154' overall. Eleven bays wide, the building consists of a central block and symmetrical wings. The central block is one story tall at the front and two stories tall at the rear. Except for a small basement beneath the two-story section containing the heating and ventilating plant, the building has no basement.

Symmetrical in plan, Brett School consists of a central block, rectangular in plan, and symmetrical, T-shaped wings. The central block contains a vestibule and hall, combination auditorium/ gymnasium, principal's office, dispensary, classrooms, kindergarten, teachers' lunch room, boys' and girls' toilets, and heating/ventilating plant. Each wing consists of a large play court lit by clerestory windows, classrooms, toilet room, vestibule, and lobby.