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Goodall Building, Cincinnati Ohio
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Fifth floor interior (1983)

The building was constructed in 1893-94 and designed by the noted Cincinnati architect George W. Rapp. Originally designed to be a seven bay, symmetrical building occupying a prominent corner opposite City Hall, it was constructed as a four-bay asymmetrical building utilizing only half of the original design.

The building was built for William Goodall, a dealer in monuments, marble, and granite, whose business was located nearby. He never occupied it, but rented it out for various commercial purposes including banking and offices. Through the years it has housed various commercial, residential, and light industrial activities. It has been vacant for a number of years and has some structural deterioration.

The building was built across from the newly constructed City Hall, probably as a speculation venture with the hope that City Hall would attract additional business activity. This did not happen. In reality, the Goodall building was scaled down and constructed to only one-half of what was originally designed.

The Second Renaissance Revival details are exhibited through the use of smooth sandstone with rustic joints, main facade articulated with denticulated cornice, pilasters and columns, oriel and decorative frontispiece. A strong vertical emphasis is achieved through the use of paired window fenestration, semi-circular headed windows suggesting arcades, and strong bay delineation.

A high degree of craftsmanship is exhibited on the stone capitals, oriel bracket, stops, and nameplate with the use of interlacing floral motifs in bas-relief. Additionally, the rustic joints accentuate the sandstone front facade, especially where it radiates. The craftsmanship of the stone masons is evident.

Building Description

This is an asymmetrical, 4-bay, 7-story building exhibiting distinctive architectural details associated with the Second Renaissance Revival style. The main facade is constructed of smooth sandstone with parts of the first and second floors exhibiting cast iron. Decorative stone craftsmanship articulates the main facade.

The asymmetrical frontispiece has a dominant arched window with radiating voussoirs cut into the sandstone. Completing the window treatment of the lower level is a large rectangular window flanked by engaged columns with foliated capitals. Above the paired paneled doors is a nameplate with the inscription "Goodall". Interlacing foliated motifs accentuate the trim. A three-story oriel projects from the facade and has decorative spandrels and cast iron columns.

The main facade is divided into a lower base composed of an altered storefront with cast iron columns. Above this, the second floor has large paired windows separated by cast iron columns to accentuate the bays. Interior cornices with frieze panels composed of cast iron divide the lower floors. The 3rd and 4th floors are distinguished by a fenestration composed of rectangular paired 1/1 wooden sash windows with the bays separated by flat columns with foliated capitals. The windows are divided by flat, smooth lintels that abutt decorative sill from the window above. The semi-circular headed window at the 5th floor with radiating voussoirs terminates the interior fenestration. The upper floors are distinguished by small mixed 1/1 and 1/2 windows separated with single sandstone columns and flanked by larger triple engaged columns to delineate the bays. The roof trim is composed of a low parapet, molded cornice supported by denticulation, frieze, and small architrave.

The minor facades are made up with common bond brick and have simple window fenestration and detail.

The interior first-floor storefronts have been greatly altered and no significant detail remains. The stairwell leading to the upper floors has a decorative cast iron motif. An elevator is also present. The upper floors are mostly functional with no significant interior details. Columns supporting the floors above break the open space plan.

Goodall Building, Cincinnati Ohio Main facade (1983)
Main facade (1983)

Goodall Building, Cincinnati Ohio Decorative entrance (1983)
Decorative entrance (1983)

Goodall Building, Cincinnati Ohio North side of 9<sup>th</sup> street looking west (1983)
North side of 9th street looking west (1983)

Goodall Building, Cincinnati Ohio Northeast corner of 9<sup>th</sup> and Central Avenue (1983)
Northeast corner of 9th and Central Avenue (1983)

Goodall Building, Cincinnati Ohio First floor interior looking through altered storefront (1983)
First floor interior looking through altered storefront (1983)

Goodall Building, Cincinnati Ohio Decorative balustrade (1983)
Decorative balustrade (1983)

Goodall Building, Cincinnati Ohio Third floor interior. Typical of the interior floors (1983)
Third floor interior. Typical of the interior floors (1983)

Goodall Building, Cincinnati Ohio Fifth floor interior (1983)
Fifth floor interior (1983)