Samuel Lane Elementary School, Akron Ohio

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Lane School was constructed in 1902 as an elementary school and opened its doors in September, 1903. It was named after Samuel A. Lane, noted Historian and elected official of Akron. It was designed by Frank O. Weary, noted architect in Akron and Northeast Ohio. There was an addition to the building in 1912 and a gymnasium constructed in 1923

The Akron Beacon Journal (December 10, 1901) stated that the Lane Building construction would be awarded to George Crisp and Son with a bid of $40,379.20.

The building was to be constructed of common brick with stone trim. Subsequent contracts for plumbing were awarded to Krause, Krin, and Co. with a bid of $2,596 to install a Mott Plumbing System (ABJ, August 6, 1902) and site grading, P. Yockey and Son - $635 (ABJ February 3, 1903).

After the original construction of Lane School, there were two subsequent additions. The first, in 1912, was the addition of 23,174 square feet constructed of brick bearing walls, concrete and tile slabs, and concrete beams known as the First Annex. Additional classrooms and restrooms were in this addition of the building. The second addition, in 1923, was constructed with brick load-bearing walls and steel joists. This section, know as the Second Annex, served as the gymnasium, as well as the auditorium. It is estimated that the roof was reconstructed from steeply pitched gables to the existing flat roof some time during the 1930's.

Lane School was named in honor of Samuel A. Lane (1815-1905), noted Akron and Summit County Historian. In 1856, he was elected Sheriff and served for four years. He later became editor of the Summit County Beacon and founded the Akron Daily Beacon. He was again elected Sheriff in 1875 and served until 1880. From that time until his death, he compiled a history of Akron and Summit County published in 1892. On October 16, 1903, he addressed the first students to enter Lane School (ABJ, October 17, 1903, p. 5).

The southern portion of the front of Lane School, 501 Howe Street, measures 124 feet, 6 inches. The west side of Lane School measures 195 feet, 6 inches. The north side measures 123 feet and the east portion of the building measures 195 feet, 6 inches. The shape of the building could be described as an 11H11 shape configuration.

The exterior, as stated previously, was trimmed in stone with one of the entrances having "BOYS" engraved in the stone work. No such entrance was identified for the girls. Brick pilasters line the southern, eastern and western portion of the building. Stoneware also lines the second floor of the building below the roof. Some time between 1914 and 1949, a number of windows throughout the basement level as well as the western and eastern portions of the building were infilled with brick.

The school was sold in 1981, the City of Akron purchased it in 1993 and it was demolished for housing in 1994.