Indian Castle Church, Fort Hendrick Danube New York

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This church was built in 1769 by Capt, Samuel Clyde for Sir William Johnson, who presented it to the Canajoharies, (Mohawks of the Upper or Canajoharie Mohawks Castle) in 1770. It is the only Colonial Indian Mission Church standing in New York State and the only surviving Colonial building of the Mohawks or Iroquois Castles.

The church was built on land owned by Joseph Brandt, the famous Mohawk Chieftain, who was noted for his pity and who translated the gospel of St. Mark into the Mohawk language.

During the Revolution, the Mohawk Indian raiders, formerly residents here, attempted to steal the bell of this old church. They, however, neglected to fasten its clapper and its ringing awakened the parish settlers who armed, themselves, sallied out and recovered the old church bell.