Coombs Covered Bridge, Winchester New Hampshire

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Portal (1974)

The Coombs covered bridge illustrates the Town Truss construction designed and patented in 1820 by Ithiel Town, a New Haven architect and builder. It is characterized by a lattice-like web of light planks crisscrossed at an angle of 45 degrees to 60 degrees, fastened together with wooded pins or trunnels. The Coombs bridge is supported by split granite abutments so perfectly fitted together that no mortar was required. The bridge and abutments are in excellent condition.

Less of an essential transportation link today, the Coombs bridge does occupy a position of great convenience to students and tourists very near NH Route 10. To by-pass this bridge would require substantial improvement of gravel roads in both the towns of Swanzey and Winchester and would entail a considerable detour for residents of this section of both communities.

Bridge Description

Spanning the Ashuelot River on an asphalt-surfaced secondary town road 9.3 miles west of N. H. Route 10 in Winchester, New Hampshire, this bridge, 118 feet long and 14 feet wide, was erected in 1837. Named for its builder, one of the descendants of Anthony Combs, or Coombs, who settled in Winchester soon after the Revolution, coming from his native Massachusetts to New Hampshire where he raised a large family. Anthony, Jr., appears to have lived just over this bridge in about 1858.

This attractive single-span covered bridge resting on split granite abutments fitted without mortar, underwent extensive repairs in 1964 after deteriorating badly and having been closed, and was thoroughly renovated following a 1969 study of its condition by state public works personnel. Numerous parts that were found to be broken, weak, or decayed were replaced, the oak floor renewed and elements of its Town lattice construction, braces, portals, and portions of its sheathed siding were repaired. Despite the new materials, a tin roof and tie rods, this bridge preserves very much its original appearance, although perhaps originally painted rather than stained, and since its latest renovation is in excellent condition.

National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges World Guide to Covered Bridges assigned number is 29-03-03. NH Department of Public Works and Highways number is 143/175.

Coombs Covered Bridge, Winchester New Hampshire Portal (1974)
Portal (1974)

Coombs Covered Bridge, Winchester New Hampshire Interior (1974)
Interior (1974)