Frank B. Kellogg House, St. Paul Minnesota

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Built for Frank B. Kellogg, while he was an attorney with Davis, Kellogg & Severance; later served as U.S. senator, Secretary of State under Calvin Coolidge. Kellogg negotiated the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928, agreement signed by 62 nations to renounce war as an instrument of national policy, bring him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1929. Kellogg died in the house in 1937.

President Calvin Coolidge visited here in 1923. Trained as a lawyer, Kellogg became a leading figure in Minnesota Republican politics. In 1916 he became Minnesota's first popularly elected U.S. Senator.

Two and a half stories, rectangular, double gabled roof, polygonal dormers, interior end chimney, side entrance, 3 story semicircular central bay with conical roof.

There was a 1920's remodeling in which the front entrance was moved to the east (from the south) and extended at the north, creating an off-center T-shaped dwelling, moldings also changed somewhat during this remodeling.

The style of this home is a blending of late 19th century Queen Anne and Romanesque styles.