Fitger Brewery Complex Stable and Garage, Duluth Minnesota

Date added: June 28, 2010 Categories: Minnesota Brewery

The stable and garage building was constructed in 1911 by McLeod & Smith for an original cost of $24,000. The architect was Mr. L. Lehle. The building was constructed where a previous barn and stable building had existed since 1889. The previous facility was constructed by Mr. J. S. Pearce (architect unknown) at an original cost of $1,500. and was razed to make room for the stables and garage facility constructed in 1911.

The stable and garage building has served as a contributory function with respect to the Fitger Brewing Company operations. Over the operational life of the brewery, this building housed the horses and delivery vehicles used in delivering and distributing products brewed by the Fitger Brewing Company.

The Fitger Brewing Company ceased operations in 1972. Since that time, the stable and garage building has been either vacant or leased to a variety of miscellaneous tenants for warehousing and other unrelated purposes. Currently, this building is vacant.

The stable and garage building is rectangular in shape, and is 62 feet by 89 feet. The building is three stories tall, including the basement which has direct outdoor access on 2-1/2 of the four sides. It is constructed of stone and brick, is an imposing structure, and is built of randomly laid, native basalt with sandstone quoins and window trim. All three floors are concrete with timber or masonry support structures.