Interior Description Tuller Hotel, Detroit Michigan

The slightly below ground floor and the first floor levels contained most of the public areas of the hotel, including a cafeteria, two taverns, dining room, a variety of shops, and the guest registration area. The kitchens were also located on the first floor. The management offices were on the first floor as well. The second through 12th floors consisted of guest rooms. The 13th and uppermost floor of the 1906/1910 building (Building I) had an elaborate ballroom and dining rooms. The 13th and uppermost floor of the 1914 structure (Building II) had a mixture of private meeting rooms and guest rooms, while the 13th floor of the 1923 addition (Building III) was entirely devoted to guest rooms.

The 14th and uppermost floor of the 1923 building served as quarters for some of the hotel's housekeeping workers. One segment contained small bedrooms, each equipped with a sink, which open on a large central common room. This area also had a communal restroom, including showers. A second wing, however, had larger rooms with baths shared by two residents only.

The ballroom on the thirteenth floor of the 1906/1910 structure (Building I) was a large, ornate rectangular space with two large balconies with balustrades, ceiling joists adorned with decorative corbels and plaster moldings of cherub motifs, as well as several pilasters and freestanding columns with Roman composite capitals, an example of Beaux Arts styling.

Adjoining the Ballroom was a large dining area which was probably the original "Tuller Roof Garden" of the 1910s.

The large dining room on the first floor of the 1923 building was renamed the "Arabian Room" after it was redecorated in 1948/1949. It has suffered considerable damage from weather and vandals, although the "Arabian" decoration is still vaguely visible .