Lawrence Machine Shop (Everett Mills), Lawrence Massachusetts

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This building was built over a two year interval beginning in 1846 at a cost of $137,168.19 for the purpose of manufacturing and repairing textile machinery for the newly established mills of Lawrence. It is one of the two oldest mills in the city and one of the few stone mill buildings in the Merrimack Valley.

The Lawrence Machine shop was built by the Essex Land and water Company which owned it until April 1, 1852, when the original company was reorganized as the Lawrence Machine Shop Company. Due to legal formalities, the new company did not take possession of the property until June, 1853. In July, 1859, the machine shop and foundry were sold to a Mr. Dana, identified as the Mayor of Charlston, Massachusetts. Within a year, a new firm, the Everett Mills, acquired the building and converted it into a cotton textile mill which began operation on January 1, 1861, It remained under this ownership until 1929 when, through liquidation proceedings, the building was sold to a New York based corporation, Everett Mill Properties, that has retained the property up to the present time (1967).