Metacomet Mill, Fall River Massachusetts

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This building (also known as the No. 6 Mill of the American Printing Company) is the oldest existing mill in Fall River. It was built in 1847 by the Fall River Iron Works, and patterned on the English mills in its ample width. This mill is also significant as the only one remaining on the original site of the city's textile factories, along the lower falls of the Quequechan River. Originally it had a gable roof and consisted of five and one-half stories. Later the roof was made flat and the building increased to six stories.

The major six story portion of the Metacomet Mill was built in 1847 and is the oldest existing textile mill in Fall River. Following that date there were numerous additions to the original structure. In 1905-06 the larger No. 7 Mill of the American Printing Company was constructed to the east.

Placed on the west bank of the Quequechan River below the lower falls, the Metacomet Mill was the lowest of the mills to make use of the water power. The turbine furnished the power of the early mill; later a 375 hp Corliss engine furnished two-thirds of the power for the enlarged mill.

The dimensions of the original portion of the Metacomet Mill were: five and one-half stories, 70'-4" x 218'-3" (later extended 30'-4"). This portion had a gable roof, approximately 7 to 12. Later the roof was raised to a low pitch providing six fiill stories. Originally there appears to have been a central stair tower. A two and one-half story addition was soon built and this was later raised to six stories, A two story entrance, office and waste room building was constructed early, and later a third story was added. A picker house and repair shop (two and one-half stories, later two story) completed the courtyard. A water closet tower (six stories) was subsequently added adjacent to the stair tower.