Captain Edward Penniman House, Eastham Massachusetts

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The house was built by whaling Captain Edward Penniman in 1867-1868, who had shipbuilders from Wellfleet do the work. It has remained in the family, is in very good condition and is within the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Captain Penniman lived in his house until his death in 1913. It was willed to his wife, Betsey Augusta Knowles Penniman, who occupied it until her death in 1920. Betsey Augusta Penniman inherited the house from her mother and lived there until her death in 1957. She willed the house to Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Broun, her aunt and uncle, together for their lifetime, with the provision that the property would go to the town of Eastham to be preserved as a historic house and museum. Dr. and Mrs. Broun bought out the right of the town of Eastham for $8,000 and gained clear title to the property in 1960.

According to Mrs. Maurice Broun, Captain Edward Penniman made seven voyages around the world. Mrs. Penniman and one of their children went with him. There are eight small framed paintings of whaling scenes and other items of whaling interest of Captain Penniman's at the Museum in New Bedford.