David Olivier Plantation House, New Orleans Louisiana

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The Olivier House, probably built in 1820, was typical of the large early 19th century plantation houses that were located within a short distance of New Orleans. With the great prosperity that the city experienced in mid-century, and the resultant rapid Increase In population, these country plantations and residences were sold and often the houses were converted for other uses or demolished, and the lands divided into city lots.

The house and property was sold to Erienne Carraby, L.B. Macarty, M. Duralde, and Philippe Guesnon in April 1833 for $70,000. They divided the land into lots and sold the house in June of the same year to A.L. Boimare.

According to city records, the house was owned by Albert Piernas at the begining of the Civil War. He was forced to sell, and the property was purchased by the Sisters of the Order of the Holy Cross for use as a boys' orphan asylum,

Originally the Olivier House formed the center of a fairly extensive plantation complex that included kitchen, stables, and pigeonniers, After its adaptation for use ag an orphanage those outbuildings were either demolished or extensively modified, and the main structure was connected to an extensive dormitory wing.

The house was demolished in 1949.