Gray House, Connersville Indiana

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As originally constructed the house probably consisted of only the main one-and-a-half story block. Raised upon a stone foundation, the walls are constructed of brick and laid in common bond with headers every ninth course. The five-bay front facade is articulated by six full-length brick pilasters, defining each bay; both four-bay side facades are articulated by five pilasters. Around the roof line is a wooden entablature which consists of a thin band of dentils and a wide frieze with rectangular openings covered with cast-iron grilles spaced at regular intervals around the front and two side facades. Most of the grilles conceal blind panels, but those near the rear on the side elevations cover attic windows. The central entrance is a recessed porch framed by Greek Doric columns in antis which support a wide, plain entablature. A fourlight fixed transom and sidelights surround the door. A low-pitched gable roof with the ridge running parallel to the front is framed at the ends with slightly pointed parapet walls. Four corner chimneys rise tall above the roof's surface.

The rear wing may be an early addition to the main block, but there is no definite break in the brick work at the intersection of the walls, so it is difficult to discern whether the rear section is an addition or continuation of the main block. Few changes have been completed on the interior, except for the probable removal of a partition wall in the first-floor left rear room, and the addition of some partition walls in the right rear of the first floor. Both fireplace hearths have had repair alterations completed.

Hugh Gray was an early settler in the Connersville area, coming here from Vermont. The family accumulated a substantial estate through farming, living in the Gray home for more than eighty years.

The one-and-a-half story main block is rectangular with a one-story rear wing. The structure measures approximately 43' x 69'-6".

A full basement extends under the entire area of the main block and partially under the wing. Access is from a stair in the first-floor bathroom and an exterior bulkhead at the south side of the rear wing.

The first floor is Central hall plan, opening into a parlor on each side. A door opposite the main entrance opens into the dining room which in turn leads to the kitchen. Flanking the dining room are bedrooms, each of which is accessible from a parlor. An enclosed porch is to the south of the kitchen and a large bathroom is to the west.

A stair from the dining room leads up to the second floor central hall, opening into a bath and two bedrooms at the rear. The front part is unfinished.