Building Description Rider-Lewis - Nyberg Automobile, Anderson Indiana

The Rider-Lewis factory binding, located between Second and Sycamore Streets in the Evalyn addition, is a utilitarian building of simple design and brick construction. Its southern section, the main part of the building, measures 20 x 56 feet with two ells, parallel to each other, running to the north of the main structure, and measuring 80 x 32 feet. Total floor space of the factory is approximately 31,815 square feet.

A long course of unadorned windows, nine over nines, runs the length of the main building on both the northern and southern exposures. The small second story, located in the center of the main building, displays brick archwork on its second story windows and block arches with keys over the lower story windows, but overall the building is simple and unadorned. The roof of timber construction is supported by a modified two-span Howe truss.