This Historic Bridge was destroyed by arson 8/1/1994

Wolf Covered Bridge, Yates City Illinois
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Wolf Covered Bridge originally known as Middle Road Bridge was located in Knox County approximately 5½ miles north and 1½ miles west of Douglas; carrying County Highway 17 over the Spoon River.

This structure was one of eight remaining covered bridges in Illinois.

On August 1st, 1994, the bridge was destroyed be arson.

Bridge Description

This structure was originally built in 1848 as an open timber truss and later covered in 1874. The covered span is 104 feet long with two approach spans, a 50-foot steel Bedstead truss on the westerly end and an 80-foot steel Pratt truss on the east. The total length of the structure is 234 feet. The abutments and piers are the original stone masonry.

The portal opening has a 9.4-foot vertical and an 11-foot horizontal clearance. No date is known as to the construction of the approach spans.

Numerous repairs have been made to this structure to keep it operational, and it was supposedly rebuilt in 1910, no records of which can be found. The floor on the east approach span has been replaced with a concrete deck and the remaining timber deck planks replaced. There has been some damage to the steel members on the approaches due to wide loads.

Wolf Covered Bridge, Yates City Illinois