Building Description Samuel M. Nickerson House - American College of Surgeons, Chicago Illinois

The building is an approximate rectangle, 60 feet (three-bay south front) x 100 feet; three stories plus basement.

The basement plan provides for service, storage, laundry, mechanical equipment and a former billiard room which was on the west.

On the First floor there are a vestibule and large stair hall in the center of the house. East of this hall is a library, breakfast-room, dining-room and (formerly) a butler's pantry. West of the hall are three large parlors. To the north of the house on the west side is a large gallery, originally used for the exhibition of paintings. It is only one story, and has a large stained glass dome over. To the north of the stair hall and to the east of the one-story gallery is the kitchen.

On the Second floor there is a large stair hall in the center, with bedrooms and bathrooms on either side. Servants' quarters above kitchen are at the level of the stair landing, slightly below the main, second floor level.

And the Third floor bedrooms and bathrooms are on either side of a large hall. Servants' quarters to this area above second floor servants' quarters.

The main stair well is in the main center hall. The stair has marble treads, risers, balusters and railings and carries from the first floor to the third floor. A wooden stair in the same location leads to the basement.

A servants' stair in the north part of the house is on the west side of the servants' quarters. A stair has been added on the east side of the house in place of the butler's pantry. There is an elevator shaft adjacent to the servants stair, in the rear of the building.