Southport Savings Bank, Southport Connecticut

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The Southport Savings Bank obtained a charter from the Connecticut General Assembly in May 1854, and was organized on September 25 of that year. Original incorporators included Paschal Sheffield, Austin Perry, Wakeman B. Meeker, Charles Perry, Prancis D. Perry, E.D. Sherwood, John Meeker, Frederick Marquand, and Andrew Bulkley. The board of managers voted to erect a new building, located at the foot of Main Street so as to be accessible to shipowners, shop keepers, the farmer patronage, and commercial traders. Work on the new bank at 226 Main Street began in 1863, and the building was occupied on June 24, 1865. The bank merged with Bridgeport People's Savings Bank on July 1, 1955, becoming the Southport Branch of the People's Savings Bank - Bridgeport.

Over-all dimensions: Two-and-a-half stories with partially exposed basement. The structure is rectangular and measures 26' (three-bay southeast front) x 45'.

Basement: The unpartitioned space extends under the full area of the main level and is used primarily for storage. A small stairway to the first floor is in the southwestern corner and a former brick coal bin is at the center of the southeast wall. The walls of the first-floor vault carry through to the basement, forming an inaccessible pier.

First floor: The rectangular first-floor plan consists of a banking room (20' x 19') at the southeast (front) end. Space at the banking room's southwestern corner is occupied by the stairway to the second floor - access to which is either from this room or an exterior doorway - and to the basement. The banking room's front half is used as a public space; the rear half is a working space. A counter separates the public and work areas; access to the work area is through a small opening at the southwestern end. A vault opens off of the northeastern end of this rear area. Opening off of the northwestern end is a narrow hallway leading into the Directors' room at the rear of the building. Two small rooms, located against the vault wall, open off of the hallway - the front one is used for the storage of office supplies; the rear one is now used as a lavatory.