Connecticut Bank, Mill River Branch, Southport Connecticut

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The January 1832 charter of the Connecticut Bank of Bridgeport contained a provision to the effect that within three months after it began business in Bridgeport the Bank must open a branch in Southport. In January 1833, the Connecticut Bank purchased the property at 227 Main Street in Southport and that year erected this brick structure.

In July 1851, the Southport Bank was independently chartered and 227 Main Street was quit claimed to it on February 17, 1852. The Southport Bank became the Southport National Bank on January 2, 1865. On May 19, 1903 the Bank went into receivership. It was re-organized and the name was changed to the Southport Trust Company, succeeding the defunct bank. In 1923 the interior was renovated for residential use.

The Connecticut Bank, Mill River Branch, was created as a branch under the charter of the Connecticut Bank of Bridgeport. The charter stated that within three months of the Bridgeport Bank's opening, a branch must be opened in Southport. The Connecticut Bank purchased the lot at 227 Main Street, and a board of managers was subsequently appointed. Jeremiah Sturgis and Jonathan Bulkley, both prominent men of the community, were appointed president and cashier, respectively. In July 1851 the bank became the Southport National Bank, a member of the National Banking System. Having gone into receivership in May 1903, the bank was reorganized, becoming the Southport Trust Company, As a result of a decision by a majority of the bank's trustees, the Southport Trust Company was dissolved and all financial dealings were merged into the Fairfleld Trust Company.

The structure is two stories with a partially exposed basement, rectangular in shape and measures 25'-8" (three-bay front) x 36'-3".

Full basement extends under entire area of main section.

First floor is now divided into four corner rooms: dining room, living room, kitchen, and den-study.

Access to upper level is by an enclosed staircase at the northwestern corner. The floor is divided into four corner rooms with a bathroom installed in the northeastern corner. The front and back rooms on the south side are separated by a large fireplace.

Connecticut Bank, Mill River Branch, Southport Connecticut 1966 GENERAL VIEW OF SOUTHEAST (FRONT) FACADE