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Architectural Designer Oscar Enders

Oscar Enders, who was to sign many of the firm's eloquent renderings, came to architecture through a circuitous path. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Enders was a prestidigitator with a circus before abandoning the metier for drafting and Chicago. Involvement with the Chicago Architectural Sketch Club brought Enders' talents as a designer and perspective artist to the attention of Taylor who enticed him to St. Louis in the 1890's. Enders was President of the St. Louis Architectural Club in 1895; when Taylor became "Director of Works/Architect-in-Chief/Director General" of the 1904 World's Fair, Enders assumed even more responsibility within the firm. Enders continued the practice after Taylor died in 1917 but returned to Chicago in the early twenties where the last few years of his life were devoted to design work for Graham, Anderson, Probst & White.