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Architect Thomas White Lamb

Thomas White Lamb (1871-2/28/1942) New York City, New York

Noted specialist in theater work, born and educated in Dundee, Scotland. Migrating to the U.S. when a young man, he received an architectural training in New York, and during subsequent years of professional practice attained national prominence in designing large modern theaters in New York, Boston, Kansas City, and many other cities.

In New York, Mr. Lamb's most important work was the present Madison Square Garden; the Capitol Theatre, built in 1919; Keith's on West 84th Street; Ziegfeld's on 42nd Street; Loew's several theatres, and the Pythian Temple. He was also architect of Loew's Theatre in Kansas City, the Fox Theatre Building in Philadelphia, the Fox Memorial Theatre in Boston, and the Community Theatre at Saratoga Springs, New York. In addition, he designed theatres which were built in England, Australia, North Africa, India, and Egypt. During later years, Mr. Lamb turned his attention to Moving Picture Houses and was equally successful in planning many such theatres in New York and other U.S. cities.