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Architect Jarvis Hunt

Jarvis Hunt (1859-6/17/1941) Chicago Illinois

A nephew of the distinguished New York architect Richard M. Hunt, he was prominently known in Chicago and practiced under the firm name of Hunt & Bohassek.

Born in Wethersfield, Vermont, and educated at Harvard University, he studied for his profession at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1893 he went to Chicago to supervise the erection of the Vermont State Building at the World's Columbian Exposition and remained in the city to carry on an architectural practice for almost thirty-five years. His works were numerous and varied in type, outstanding examples of which were the Kansas City Union Terminal; R.R. Union Terminals at Dallas Texas and Joliet Illinois; Newark, New Jersey Museum; original group of buildings at Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Oak Bluffs, Illinois; Boulevard Building, at 30 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago; building at 900 North Michigan Avenue; and the Lake Shore Athletic Club.

Mr Hunt's later years were spent in retirement at St. Petersburg, Florida, and was buried at his birthplace in Vermont.