Ruins of Augusta Evans Wilson House, Mobile Alabama

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The ruins of this house stands upon land that was a part, of the second grant by the Spanish to Thomas Price consisting of 500 acres.

This structure was built by Samuel G. Swift, who later sold it to Lorenza M. Wilson, husband of Augusta Evans Wilson, a noted novelist, whose books made a wide appeal.

It was a broad, high, one storied house; wide galleries across the front,.and the two wings; and a hall through the center.

To the east of the house were the double parlors, whose long French windows opened upon the galleries. It was in this house that Augusta Evans at the age of fifteen completed her first novel, "Ines - a tale of the Alamo", and presented it to her father as a birthday surprise. Titles to her later books are : "Beulah", "Macaria", "St.. Elmo", "Vashti" and "At the Mercy of Tiberius".

This lovely home was destroyed by fire in 1927, only the pillars and parts of the walls remain standing like classic ruins.