Elmoreland - The Strong House, Glenville Alabama

Date added: May 06, 2016 Categories: Alabama House Mansion Plantations & Farms

"Elmoreland" is situated in old Glenville 17 miles north of Eufaula, on the road to Columbus, Georgia, in what is now Russell County.

Elmoreland is beautiful, of mansion dimensions, and certainly a plantation home, being the homestead of the Mitchell family, and today in its restored beauty and name, an honor to the Elmores of Alabama.

Back from the highway with a sweep of lawn, green luxuriant reaching to its very steps, with trees framing it from all sides and box lined gardens all about, it presents and answer to every challenge of reality of its type.

White with green shutters, six classic columns, a jutting of chimneys, it stands a magnificent reality. Four rooms below and four above, all provided with fireplaces,and a large entrance hall below and service hall above, comprise the layout of the main building. In a wing the dining room, kitchen, and other service buildings are located.

The vista of the winding stairs is rather different and certainly framed by a lovely arch supported by classic pilasters that break: up the stretch of the lower hall. The stairs are mahogany, the turnings of the spindles simple, and the carved trim of the tread facings in rhythm with the wind of the stair railing.

All mouldings, door and window trims and the eight mantels in the main dwelling are characteristic of the classic atmosphere of the place.