Historic Structures

Republican Schoolhouse, Ripon Wisconsin

Date added: December 4, 2009 Categories: Wisconsin School

This schoolhouse was moved from its original location to where it now sets on the campus of Ripon College. The building is one story in height and of wood construction.

This little structure was built for school house purposes. In it was held a meeting which was destined to be of great historical significance. This was the one at which the Republican Party was founded. This meeting of the early day politicians and other interested folk was held in this structure on March 20th, 1854, It is of interest to recall that the lot on which the school house was first placed was donated by a Mr. Alvan E. Bovay, who also had the honor of giving the name of the new political party. Following its use as a school house, it was used as a dwelling and in 1905, due to the efforts of the Ripon Commercial Club, a fund was raised for its purchase and removal to the Campus grounds in restoration. After this was accomplished, the building was then presented to the city of Ripon. The world has made a beaten path to its door.