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Fort Howard Hospital, Green Bay Wisconsin

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The Fort Howard Hospital Building is located in the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, at the corner of Chestnut Avenue and Kellogg Street. This location is about 600 feet away from its original site on the west bank of the Fox River. The fort was named agter General Howard, the Commander-in-Chief of Louisiana Territory from 1810 to 1812. Originally the building was the post sergeant's residence and office. Later it became the post hospital.

I connection with the fort it iws interestintg to recall that it was occupied by French troops from 1701 to 1760. I 1761 it was ceded to the English. In 1816 the fort was rebuilt. During this rebuilding period the hospital building was erected. It is interesting to recall that Major Zachary Taylor, who later became president, was at one time the commandant. Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, often visited the fort and later married the daughter of Major Taylor. Many other officers, who won distinction in the Civil War on both sides of the conflict, were at various times stationed here at Fort Howard.

The architecture is of the true colonial type, painted white. The detail is refined and most interesting.

The fort was abandoned in accordance with war department orders under date of 1852. The land on which it was located was authorized for sale in 1866 and the hospital building was moved to its present location in 1868.

Fort Howard Hospital, Green Bay Wisconsin