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Log Church, Sawyer Minnesota

Date added: June 16, 2010 Categories: Minnesota Church Rustic

This church was built in 1859 for the use of an Indian Catholic congregation. It has been used continuously (as of 1936, current status is unknown) since then by the Catholic Church.

Its walls are made of hewn logs ("hewed" in Minnesota), chinked with lime mortar. The gables and belfay are of square edge siding. On the inside of the church the ceiling has beaded boards.

The belfry is supported on four posts placed in front of the entrance so that the doorway is between two of the posts. In the church gable is a six-pane sash set askew in the wall and not adding anything to the good appearance of the old log structure of frontier days.

Around 1911 an addition was built at one side of the church, apparently for use as a sanctuary and priest's room.

Log Church, Sawyer Minnesota 1934 VIEW FROM SOUTH-EAST