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Ard Godfrey House, Minneapolis Minnesota

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Built by Ard Godfrey in April 1848, in the (then) town of St. Anthony, later S.E. Minneapolis. Ard Godfrey and the carpenters were from Maine. Occupied by him until 1853.

Harriet Godfrey, daughter, first white child born in St. Anthony, lived in this house.

Edwin. 0. Clark appointed under Abraham Lincoln as agent for the Chippewa Indians, married here Jan. 1, 1860.

Moved once before being presented to the City, then moved by the Park Board to Chute Square Park in 1909. Kitchen wing removed when it was moved to Chute Square.

Now occupied by the Hennepin County Territorial Pioneers Assn., as an historical museum for the public.

Ard Godfrey House, Minneapolis Minnesota 1934 NORTH & EAST ELEVATIONS